You are trying to secure the release from custody for a loved one. If you’ve never been through the bail bonds process before, we know that you...


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When it comes to security, Bamn Bail Bonding Agency Inc in Tuscaloosa, AL is top notch. Our professional security guards provide confidential, competent...


You’ve heard of a notary but, until now, you’ve never had the need to hire one. Some people go through life never needing a notary, and others...


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Getting arrested is never a good idea. Getting arrested is never a good time. Getting arrested is a hassle, stressful, embarrassing, frightening, and expensive. If you are trying to help a loved one get out of custody, you are undoubtedly feeling many of the same things.

At Bamn Bail Bonding Agency Inc, we are here to make the process of securing release from custody in Tuscaloosa, AL as easy as possible. A professional bail bondsman is the only person that can help you secure release easily and legally.

When you need the services of a bail bond agent, we want you to call Bamn Bail Bonding Agency Inc. We are determined to get you out of jail as quickly as possible. We have established respectful relationships with local law enforcement agencies and courts. Our agents are trustworthy and efficient.

We know that you are under a tremendous amount of stress.

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