About Us

Bamn Bail Bonding Agency Inc proudly serves the people of Tuscaloosa, AL! We offer $35 off to new customers, and we always offer the most affordable bond services. We not only provide jail bail, but the following services, as well:

  • Notary Public
  • Security Guard
  • Security Patrol

Because we are also a notary agent, we are able to secure your release from custody as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is our mission to ensure that you or your loved one is not in jail for one moment longer than necessary. If you are a business owner, we invite you consider our security services. We have guards on staff for hire, and we also offer security patrols. We are proud to work with business owners, private citizens, and neighborhood watch groups in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Whether you have been taken into custody, need a document notarized, or desire the services of a security professional, Bamn Bail Bonding Agency Inc is here for you. Give us a call at your earliest opportunity to learn more about our services!


210 Hargrove Rd E, Tuscaloosa, AL | (205) 826-1226

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